Dog Park Orientation Classes!

Dog Park Orientation classes are now being scheduled!


March 6th, 7pm – 8pm: Complete

March 17th, 9am – 10am

March 23rd, 1pm – 2pm

April 7th, 9am – 10am

April 11th, 7pm – 8pm

April 18th, 7pm – 8pm

April 28th, 9am – 10am

May 9th, 7pm – 8pm

May 19th, 9am – 10am

May 23rd, 7pm – 8pm


Click here to schedule this free orientation class. The orientation class is required to become a member of the LMT Dog Park.

14 thoughts on “Dog Park Orientation Classes!

    1. I believe so. I assume they will be scheduled less frequently once the majority of interested members attend the class but it is part of the membership process so they will need to be ongoing.


  1. I can’t go to the January 20 class and the one on the 10th is full. I didn’t learn about the December dates until it was too late. Are there more orientation classes planned?


    1. Beverly,
      Per the LMT Dog Park Manual, our Lower Makefield Township Animal Control Officer will review the park rules and operating hours responsibilities of the users, behaviors you may observe in your and/or other dogs while at the dog park and the registration process. A multimedia presentation will show new members what to expect from dogs and people at the parks. After the session, you will be given an attendance certificate (required for registration) and application packet. All household members that will use the park are required to attend the orientation. You will not be registering or providing payment for dog membership at the orientation session.

      The LMT Dog Park Manual can be found here:


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