Basketball “Hank-A-Mania II” March Madness Box Fundraiser

**Update from Jeff Benedetto**

Here is the final breakdown of winners, and I use that term loosely.

Matt Erb – $110
Kathleen McFadden – $50
Gary Gladwell – $42.50
Ashleen Timoney – $32.50
Lisa Barone Burney – $30
Lisa Bigony – $25
Mary Laemmer – $22.50
Greg Papazian – $17.50
Brian Hogg – $15
Jon Maratea – $15
Marc Waldman – $12.50
Barry Murphy – $10
Amy Margulies – $10
Ravi Verma $10
John Parsons – $10
Betty Timoney – $10
Shaun Waters – $7.50
Rosie Murphy – $7.50
Sydney Murphy – $5
Michael Brody – $5
Chuck Wilkinson – $5
Marty Young – $5
Nancy Coles – $5
David Foster – $5
Lauren Kleissas – $5
Francine Allan – $5
Jacquelyn Keegan – $5
Ciaran Murphy – $2.50
Lynn Giacobbi-Spellman – $2.50
Brendan McClanahan – $2.50
Mike Tonrey – $2.50
Wayne Bilardo – $2.50
Jason Simon – $2.50
Liam Timoney – $2.50

That’s $500 paid out in all. And 34 winners out of 44 (77.3%) people that contributed money (some had multiple entries). Which begs the question, how did anyone NOT win money in this box pool? I call those fortunate souls having “Benedetto” luck. 🙂

Oh, and of the 100 boxes in the pool, 48 of the numbers hit. Which basically means for next year, when we will most certainly have twice the number of players (meaning a full 100 entries), there is a 50% chance of winning some money.

**End Update**

Jeff Benedetto & Michael Brody are running a 50/50 NCAA pool to benefit the LMT Dog Park. $20 per box

You can pay with PayPal: Click Here
Venmo: @Jeff-Benedetto-1
Drop off your check or cash in a sealed envelope marked “LMT Dog Park Basketball Pool” to the LMT township office.
Mail a check to:
Jeff Benedetto
22 Green Ridge Road
Yardley, PA 19067

*Make your check payable to “Lower Makefield Community Foundation” and include “Dog Park” in the memo.*

Rules: $20 per box

Total Prize Money is $2,000 with half of the pot ($1,000) going to the LMT Dog Park

Your numbers will remain the same for all 63 games (the play-in games do not count). The tournament starts Thursday March 15th and ends Monday April 2nd.

The last digits of the final score (including OT) of each game will determine the winning box.

Payouts will increase each round during the tournament. The breakdown is as follows:

Round Payout Number of Games Total Payout
1st Round $5/game 32 games $160
2nd Round $10/game 16 games $160
Sweet 16 $20/game 8 games $160
Elite Eight $40/game 4 games $160
Final Four $80/game* 2 games $160
Championship $200* 1 game $200

*Note that for the two Final Four games, there will be a $20 halftime/$60 final score payout, and for the Championship game, there will be a $50 halftime score/$150 final score payout.

The numbers across the top of the grid will represent the Higher seeded team (i.e. the #1 seed is HIGHER than the #2 seed)

The numbers going down the side of the grid will represent the Lower seeded team (i.e. the #16 seed is LOWER than the #15 seed)

In the Final Four or the Championship if both teams have the same seed the top numbers of the grid will represent the home team lighter jersey (white) and the vertical numbers on the grid will represent the away team darker colored jersey.

4 thoughts on “Basketball “Hank-A-Mania II” March Madness Box Fundraiser

  1. Hi Guys, I sent $40 via Paypal for 2 Squares in the March Madness contest to help out the Dog Park. How and when do I receive the numbers for the Squares ?


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